A noticeable clean, while protecting the environment



Bow Valley Cleaning Supplies stocks hundreds of cleaning solutions and chemicals for every surface you can imagine. We’ll help you find the right cleaner for commercial and office kitchens, public washrooms, entryways, walls, floors, carpet, tile, and more. Check out our Go Green Clean products that leave a light footprint on the earth. Our team will also provide Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and storage suggestions so you get the longest life out of our products. You’ll also find these items available for use in any application.


Our heavy duty cleaners and degreasers can remove the most stubborn grease, dirt, soil and gummy deposits. Bow Valley also provides products that help release greasy buildup in automatic parts for industrial appliances and immersion cookware and equipment. Some of our solutions also provide protection from rust and corrosion. Check out our selection of biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners/ degreasers safe for every environment.